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NHS Operating Theatre

Existing Hospital building refurbished

into state of the art Operating Theatres.


Project Value: £250k 
Programme: 12 weeks

Client Team - Contracts Administrator - NHS
                      Architect - Croft Surveyors
                      Engineer - Case Consultants

Work Description -  This challenging project within a live hospital environment was to fully reconstruct two operating theatres and associated clinical rooms. Prime Build was part of a collaborative team working with a services Principal contractor, over a 12-week period, seven days a week.

 As part of the open book approach Prime Build was responsible for all the building strip out and re-construction works alongside the main M&E contractor and client led specialist contractors, to complete the project to a required programme and with uncompromised specification and standards, not to mention high hygienic build levels both during construction and lifetime product specification. 

Project Specific Requirements - The theatres were situated on the fourth floor of a six-story hospital, with no access off the main theatre internal corridors, as this area had to remain in hospital control. The whole scheme was delivered through an external opening from the front façade with a scaffold access and hoist. Noise and dust levels had to be controlled to a level so not to effect the everyday operations of the hospital. 

Working with several contractors, the ethos of the scheme was key milestones must be met including unforeseen events that occurred during the project, this ensured the theatres where off line for the minimum amount of time.   

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