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East Street,

Newton Abbot

These new dwellings are the first in a new generation of council owned housing within the region.


Project Value: £850k
Programme: 50 weeks

Client Team - Contracts Administrator - Randall Simmonds
                      Architect - Grainge Architects
                      Engineer - Bailey Partnership

                      Client - Teignbridge District Council

Work Description - These apartments are part of a new generation of social housing for Teignbridge District Council. These are being built on a brown field site in the centre of Newton Abbot. Prime Build are the main contractor for this project to build 5 affordable rental properties, 2 of which are part M compliant. The objective of the scheme is to create a modern social housing living associations within the heart of Newton Abbot. The apartments are of traditional construction with slate roofs. PV array, ASHP’s & MVHR systems have been used to reduce their environmental impact and cost of running for tenant.

Project specific build requirements - The scheme is situated in the heart of Newton Abbot with direct access off the main busy trunk road within the town. Key challenges on the scheme was material access onto the site avoiding disruption to this main trunk road and the neighbouring business/residential community. The site had to be serviced in two phases, First from the main road building all the substructure works and then build the complete middle service core, which sighted the main PC staircase. Once the staircase was installed, the access to the site was diverted to the rear of the site which required smaller service vehicles, As this access was extremely tight within a residential area, the site team focused on just in time material deliveries to avoid disruption to the nearby residents. Noise and dust monitoring was a key factor on this scheme, with processes put in place during the project to mitigate these issues within the wider community.  

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